Physical Evidence (proof) that we are Herbivore

No 4 Long-Sharp K9 Teeth (like all mammal omnivores & some herbivores have)

Our teeth are equal height and don't zigzag across each other like dog, bear & other omnivores

           human-herbivore-teeth-proof.htmlherbivore long sharp canine k9 teeth

Omnivore K9 teeth
Humans don't have 4 long sharp canine teeth like ALL omnivores do to kill pray. Our teeth are flat and look very similar to herbivore teeth such as horse and cow's teeth. This simple fact alone is proof that we are herbivores. Here is why:
Some Herbivores (Chinese Water Deer (above), Gorilla, Chimpanzee,  Orangutan, Elephant, Hippo, etc.)  and
all mammal omnivores have 4 conspicuous long sharp canine teeth to cut & kill or in case of herbivores for self-defense, lever or digging.
all mammal omnivores  [Bears, Coati including Aardvarks, Hedgehogs, Opossums, Pigs, Primates including ChimpanzeesOrangutansGorillas, Raccoons have 4 conspicuous long sharp canine teeth. 
Otherwise how are they going to cut and kill prey ? 
The apes (
Gorilla, Chimpanzee,  Orangutan) that (unlike humans) have conspicuous long canines are 95% vegetarians that occasionally eat termites and small rodents raw - not real "omnivores".
There are many other objective, physical, scientific proofs (NOT Opinion).  
Please see the spreadsheet (Physical Evidence, Proof, Exhibits A to J).
When omnivores close their jaws, their 4 long-sharp K9 teeth stick out of their jaw because their teeth are not same height and K9s are longer.  When we close our mouth, our flat uniform height teeth in upper and lower jaw sit on top of each other (no teeth sticks out) enabling us to chew & grind our food like horse and other herbivores. See images of jaws of herbivore Vs. omnivore.

Even More Evidence.