YBurnMeat ? Because we are Herbivores

3 logical reasons to not eat Meat, Dairy or Eggs 


Human herbivore tooth like horse & cow teeth.

Disproving Omnivore Theory


Fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables are the only foods that we can eat in excess naturally raw (without condiments and spices) and it's also the least expensive & the most healthy.  Cooked/Burnt Meat examples: Steak, Burger, Bacon, Pork, Ribs, Chicken, Turkey (fried, roasted, broiled), Sausage, Hot Dog, Fillet, Crab, Shrimp, Lobster, Foie Gras, Veal, Lion, Dog, Cat, Horse, Whale, Shark, Snake, Rat, Cock Roach, Monkey etc. They are ALL eaten burnt (molecular destruction) with vegan spices and condiments. Burning (Extreme Heating) destroys (denatures) protein molecules and creates carcinogens.                                                                                                
Plant-Foods are Not Protein Deficient   
Did you know that according to google.com (source USDA) by calorie Soy, Seitan (mock meat), Yeast, Tofu and Tempeh all have more protein than Steak. And by weight Soybean and Peanuts have more protein than Steak. Plus plant foods have no cholesterol and are loaded with fiber and other vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
 % Protein by calorie & weight  google.com (source USDA) 

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Good Vs. Evil (Torture)
Cruel, Bloody Protein Wars:  Meat 25%.  Seitan 75%!  Seitan Wins (3 times more)!
 Naturally Lose Weight and $ave
If this healthy, sharp, 98-year-old heart surgeon can live without meat, dairy & eggs for ~50 years, why can't you ?                                

      Burning is extreme heating such as cooking, grilling, frying, micro-waving, broiling etc. Heating is indiscriminant: It destroys the Bad (microbes, viruses) & the Good (protein, vitamins). Do you eat raw chicken, deer, lobster, duck, pig, horse, cow, sheep or rabbit ?               

World Wrestling Championship
To the left:  6' tall, 190LB, Male Herbivore.
To the right:      3.5' tall,  80LB,  Female Omnivore.
Burning Food is Illogical, Wasteful, Unhealthy & supports Torture    
If the food is good, why burn it ? ALL Omnivores eat Raw meat.               

Why Pay More for Inferior Food that tortures
Proud to be a Herbivore


America's #1 Enemy : Obesity, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attackand after death a very high risk of hell

 Freedom Of Speech, Sight & Sound    
Stop Censorship of Torture & Terror (AG-Gag Laws)
Every year 10,000 million tortured animals are butchered in the USA alone. 
Earth is hell and human is the devil

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A picture is worth more than a thousand words & opinions

Female Omnivore Devours Male Human 2ble its weight.

Stop Torture
     Feathers in your pillow (Duck & GeeseTorture)  
Duck Torture
Dairy =
Dairy Factory Torture
Stereotype:   Homosexuals are cowards, wimps and vegetarian
Chicken IQ & I Test
chicken Debeaking torture evil sadist

fur coat farming tortureYBurnFood.com or YCookFood.com 99Cents Torture
Ten Good Reasons to Eat Raw

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Burning destroys bacteria, microbes, viruses, protein and nutrients.  Burning is indiscriminant. The higher the heating temperature the greater the destruction.  

Fried chicken, fish, fries etc. contains little nutrients.  The frying temperature 175C to 190C (345 F to 375 F) destroys-distorts protein, creates carcinogens, is addictive and fattening.  

Do you drink boiled Orange Juice or boiled apple ?  Why bother it has no nutrients.  

Why eat cooked meat, if the cooking destroys the protein  ? 


Eat Natural (None GMO) Raw Foods